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  • Abouqal, Redouane; Allali, Fadoua; El Aichaoui, Siham; Saoud, Bouchra; Maaroufi, Houda; Hajjaj-Hassouni, Najia (BMC Public Health, 2006-05-19)
    Abstract Background: The clothing style is an important factor that influences vitamin D production and thus bone mineral density. We performed a case-control study in order to evaluate the effect of veil wearing ...
  • Abouqal, Redouane; Hamamouchi, Ihsane; Allali, Fadoua; Khazzani, Hamza; Bennani, Loubna; El Mansouri, Leila; Ichchou, Linda; Cherkaoui, Mohammed; Hajjaj-Hassouni, Najia (BMC Public Health, 2009-10-14)
    Abstract Background: Some studies have implicated several possible metabolic linkages between osteoporosis and vascular calcification, including estrogen deficiency, vitamin D excess, vitamin K deficiency and lipid ...
  • Benjaafar, Nourddine; Abahssain, Halima; Lalya, Issam; EL M’Rabet, Fatima zahra; Ismaili, Nabil; Razine, Rachida; Tazi, Mohammed Adnane; M’rabti, Hind; Abouqal, Redouane; Errihani, Hassan (BMC Research Notes, 2010-05-27)
    Background: Breast cancer is uncommon in young women and induces more aggressive biologic characteristics. Survival in young women has been widely studied in developed countries. Less favorable prognosis and low survival ...
  • Hassam, Badreddine; El Amrani, Fadwa (The Pan African Medical Journal, 2013-03-10)

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